of New Economics, Public Administration and Law

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International Journal of New Economics, Public Administration and Law (IJONEPAAL) is a research interdisciplinary journal. The Journal is open access and double blind peer-reviewed. It is published in English in Świnoujście (Poland). The journal is published two times a year.


The purpose of the journal is coverage of different aspects of public administration, economics, management and governance, such as international organizations and communities’ management, state and regional governance, company’s management, law, etc. The key aspects of planning, organization, motivation and control in various areas and in different countries are subject of the journal's scope. The journal publishes articles, which are focused on existing and new methods, techniques and approaches in the field of public administration, law, economics and management. It publishes contemporary and innovative researches, including theoretical and empirical research papers.


Key topics of the IJONEPAAL are such as:

Economics and Business;

Management, Security and Ecology;

International Relations and Regional Studies;

Law and Public Administration;

The Problems of Sociology and Pedagogy, Philosophy and Culture, Language and Medicine;

Organizations and Organizational Behavior;

Decision-making Process, Criteria, Principles, Models;

Information and Uncertainty, Econometric and Statistical Methods in Public administration;

Forecasting and Simulation at Macro- and Micro- levels;

Business Administration and Business Economics;

Firm Strategy and Market Performance;

Company’s Aims, Organization, and Behavior;

Personnel Management, Conflicts, Negotiations;

Technological Changes Management and Economic Development Management;

Structure and Scope of Government;

International Institutional Arrangements, Contracts, Security, Conflicts.

Subject Area – Business, Economics, Law and Management.